Presenting the new, highly sonorous, music by Xvarr, titled Bhairavi. The name Bhairavi means "Terror" or "awe-inspiring”, and is a Hindu goddess who controls the changes taking place in the universe. Contemplating this while under the spell of the music conjures a path to transcend into the world colored by the sounds.  Following their Echoes of Time release on Good Morning Tapes is a cassette of mystic, dream-state interpretations of Indian classical music. The cassette comes with no information, save for this stanza from the hymn to Bhairavi:

'You are the source of the world and have no beginning
You are the source of speech, of everything graceful,
the source of the universe itself...'
Hymn to Bhairavi, Lakshmana Deshikendra (9th c. CE)

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT31 XVARR - Bhairavi (Snippets)