Will Long / DJ Sprinkles - Purple / Blue

Will Long / DJ Sprinkles - Purple / Blue


A warm welcome back to our most-listened - and most-heeded - release of 2016.

Two late summers' ago, a group of music-lovers, the type that like to stay up late, met with Terre Thaemlitz in the woods and there engaged in a lively, theatrical discussion of the legitimacy of dance-music utopia - a safer, politicized space in which to dance, to make and experience progress. "One of the lies we tell ourselves is that we're making progress," the voice of H. Rap Brown calls out of "Chumps," from DJ Sprinkles' and Will Long's Long Trax, an iteration of Thaemlitz's label Comatonse's statement that the record "examines that pack of lies dubbed 'change' from the sweaty dance floor." The power of Long's sublime ambient production skill, known from his releases Celer, is squared with Thamelitz' ear for detail and penchant for subbass. Together the two, both living and working in Japan, created a quietly canonical masterpiece in three vinyl collections of lush deep house.

From near two years away, this inner extrication of meaning from lies, an acknowledgement of the seemingly pure - or at least, well-intentioned - place where lies can propagate, is perhaps a more freeing and more gentle experience. The time has come.

Limited re-press. Mastered by Terre Thaemlitz, cut at Dubplates & Mastering Berlin. Artwork features illustrations by Long-term Comatonse collaborator Tsuji Aiko. Edition of 500 copies.