Will DiMaggio ‎– At Ease

Will DiMaggio ‎– At Ease


DiMaggio’s Fusion (Broadcast Mix) single-sider on Future Times in 2016 left us with a craving only a full length could begin to satisfy. Luckily the Capital's vibe wizards oblige with the double-pack, At Ease.

Recorded in 2016-17 in an undeniably saturated musical living situation in NYC, twinkling ditties and doodling steppers evoke magical times with friends perfectly in tune with these early, breezy days of Summer.

In their anthemically chillin-hangishness is a subtle complexity of running keyboard riffs, blossoming chords, faint spoken scraps and rumored un-mixable rhythms (though dancers will feel feel delightfully comfy twirling and shifting weight from one foot to the other along with). While the effect is stylishly understated, each track is an iceberg of diverse influences and meticulous yet organic layering.

Perfectly at home with our friends in D.C. as on alfresco dance floors in NYC this season and beyond.