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Vera Dvale ‎– Music Is Kinship


With a breath of fresh air in a turbulent time for many, this collection of original compositions and field recordings, by the Norwegian based artist Vera Dvale, invocate a stillness on a plane of existence.

Featuring recordings made from 2016 - 2019, the pieces feature both piano Sounds of nature form a foundation where long tones play. Gestured phrases suggest inner reflection, allowing the epic beauty of duration to linger.

From Good Morning Tapes --

"Though power of this sound collage is not just limited to those specific lands and waters, 'Music is Kinship' is of those rare recordings that provoke and create a sense of presence no matter where you are in the world. Magnifying the beauty and sounds that lay in front of us every moment of the day, though perhaps many of us often take for granted and forget to appreciate....Stillness Speaks."

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT32 Vera Dvale - 'Music is Kinship' (Snippets)