Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles - Deproduction EP1

Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles - Deproduction EP1


Following the audio-visual-textual release of the Deproduction album on Comatonse in 2017, Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles' presents a 17-minute exclusive edit of "Names Have Been Changed" and a shattering "House Arrest Mix" for vinyl. 

Visit the Comatonse Website for more detailed and eloquent writing on the album release, produced with support from documenta 14 and Akademie der Künste der Welt. Excerpt below:

"We live in an era in which dominant LGBT agendas are increasingly revolving around themes of family, matrimony, breeding and military service. The cultural terms for social analyses and organizing around such issues requires an aggressive capitulation to peculiarly Western Humanist notions of the nuclear family, as well as private and public space. As a result, Feminist and Queer critical rejections of family structures (nuclear and otherwise) are increasingly scarce. An ability to understand the abuses of family and domestic violence as symptoms of larger institutionalized dominations becomes virtually impossible.

In a stereotypically familiar and heteronormative manner, the anticipated promise behind today's Queer families is nothing more than the egocentric notion that familial abuses will be resolved by this generation being better parents than the previous generation. What is forever absent are discussions of what it means to deliberately not be a parent, and to deliberately abandon family. They remain as taboo as the notion of celebrating the relief of an abortion.

In Deproduction, Terre Thaemlitz investigates the awkward, uncomfortable and hypocritical power dynamics behind Western Humanist notions of family, and how they function internationally through processes of globalization."