Skyf Connection ‎– Ten To Ten

Skyf Connection ‎– Ten To Ten


A special South African boogie recovery from La Casa Tropical. Skyf Connection was a brief project performed by lifelong friends Anthony Mthembu and Enoch Nondala. Ten to Ten references the hours of Disco delirium they delivered to the club “Gamsho” - located on a farm on the outskirts of Kliptown Soweto - where they, along with Blackie Sibisi, Sepate Mokoena and Elijah “chippa” Khumalo, performed as the house band from about 1983 - 86.

Says the label,"From start to finish the 4 tracks portray what would have been a standard night at the Gamshu. Although the club would open earlier and the standard hours of most clubs was 6 to 6 , the band would start playing at 10pm. With their standard set time and Anthony and Enoch unique view on what a Disco should be, they chose the motto Ten to Ten as the album title because those were the hours when they were the stars and Disco ruled the dance floor."

"To get to the club was a bit difficult, you needed to drive along an empty road where thieves waited for any patrons trying their luck walking after dark. Since there was no transport during the night, the safest way to get home was to wait till the next morning to walk home. Even though in the summer months of Johannesburg light begins to peek in just after 4am, crowds refused to leave and stayed enjoying good music and company until 10am. The lead off track “Let’s Freak Together” has powerful lyrics encouraging people to let go of their worries, put aside any differences and let the music bring everyone to freak and dance together."

"The whole album is about the joy we can all feel when we share the same moments and how music can bring people together in a unique way, a philosophy shared with the original nightclubs of 70s New York. This approach to music is where the name Skyf Connection comes from, translating from slang to mean the connection we create through sharing, in this case Music and good times."