Saint Abdullah / Ghalamdar - Postcards from the Outer Borough

Saint Abdullah / Ghalamdar - Postcards from the Outer Borough


Following a potent release for PTP in this year’s Stars Have Eyes, Brothers Saint Abdullah return to Boomarmnation with Ta Tash, an immersive audio-visual tracing of conflict between Iran and Iraq. 

"Ta Tash translates as ‘To the End’ in English. It captures the essence of a sentiment during the brutal 8-year war between Iran-Iraq. To protect Iran's borders, to defend the Shia faith, the Persian civilization, at all costs. It is also quite a greedy aspiration. Where defense and offense and blind faith muddy the prospect for rational thinking, strategy, and humanity. But at the same time, perhaps this is the kind of shit that's helped Iran survive for 5000 years. Who knows."- Saint Abdullah, in conversation with Boomarm Nation (May 2018)

Alongside the EP, a collection of postcards was created by Saint Abdullah in collaboration with UK-based Iranian artist Ghalamdar.

“These are an edited collection of images pulled together from the years of the Iran-Iraq war. A collection of 15 works of art titled Postcards from the Outer Boroughs. Some of these images belonged to our family, others we found by forming a dialogue with the actual men who fought in battle with our family members. Men who remember those last, precious moments of the lives of our loved ones. We were curious to somehow learn more about that moment from those who served.

These Postcards are the culmination of the hard work and imagination of Ghalamdar, a wonderful Iranian visual artist based in the UK. In them, we explored how we could modify these quintessentially Iranian motifs to lift the weight of emotion, the weight of innocence, of loss, of blind faith, to the end? How do we connect an Iran of the past, Iran of the books, to the Iran of today? After all, we are of the same blood. As a by-product of mixing media, mixing contexts, we attempt to playfully bridge this gap, if ever so slightly.”