RVNGNL41 - Peaceful Protest 3xCS

RVNGNL41 - Peaceful Protest 3xCS


“But You are the state of humanity and prostrate before a lavender sky” – Rafael Sanchez 

Inspired by Moogfest’s invitation to soundtrack a meditation space during their 2017 festival in Durham, North Carolina, RVNG assembled a cast of our favorite musicians to produce palettes of peaceful sound to share there and beyond. 

Distressed by an inequality proliferating from North Carolina’s policy-makers and considering the diverse backgrounds of the composers, RVNG furthers the meditative message beyond Moogfest in the form of Peaceful Protest, providing all proceeds from a limited cassette edition to the LGBTQ Center of Durham

Peaceful Protest features six long-form compositions and recordings from BaltraKate NVZach CooperYou’re MeC. Lavender and Raica spread across three cassettes housed in a canvas package, lovingly designed by WWFG, screen printed by Keegan Mills Cooke and stitched by Hailey Desjardins

NYC wordsmith and beacon of reason, Rafael Sanchez, provides a poem of peace from the sagest for the ages, encapsulating and emoting shared sentiments on the meaning of a quiet revolution amidst the madness.

The cassette edition of Peaceful Protest is limited to 200 copies and will be available at Moogfest 2017 and via RVNG, Commend and Bandcamp. Eternal gratitude to the artists for making their work available and championing change.