Peter Kardas - I Saw You

Peter Kardas - I Saw You


Peter Kardas' I Saw You is a domestically duplicated homage to Robert Fripp's Frippertronics, the seminal improvised guitar-over-looping-tape technique, but also completely its own ethereally spun-out trance-scape. 

The album’s sound and texture captures where it was created; the open spaces found in the Bay Area, with fog slowly rolling in, building layers over green hills before finally spilling into the ocean. 

Sensitive, carefully considered arrangements are delicate and prismatic, centered around delayed guitar but expanding outwards into wordless vocal explorations, meditative percussion, and eerie synthesizer ribbons.

I Saw You was helmed from Right Belief and Right Action, two unheralded and mostly unheard cassettes of Kardas’ recorded and released in 1986 and 87. 

Legends of the private press / new age reissue game Yoga Records and fledgling San Francisco label Echo Ocho assembled Kadras' recordings, exposing a wider audience to this strange and lovely release.