Nina - de Val

Nina - de Val


The line between what it means to be human, what it means to be machine, and the consequences of both are today are finer lines than ever. A cyborg reality is quickening into view, and these sounds are but a sliver of proof.

Nina joins the Paralaxe library after releases on Blackest Ever Black's Krokodilo sublabel. If you have heard anything on her V I S label, or have been to her Trifft night at the famed Golden Pudel in Hamburg, then you have an idea of the sonic explorations in "de Val". Could be the hum of the earth's core, the sound of gravity, or an approaching fleet of A.I hover-crafts. Resting on the fringes of ambient, electro and industrial, it is a way-finding sound tool for the ever-nearing robotic future.

Edition of 100 with letterpress design work by L’automatica in Barcelona.

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