MoM013 - N Chambers - Air Example (Love All Day)

MoM013 - N Chambers - Air Example (Love All Day)


Air Example gathers newly dreamed material from Norm Chambers, the Seattle, WA-based conduit of new age sound (in the most literal sense) sometimes operating as Jürgen MüllerPanabrite, or Spiral Index.

Chambers’ veneration of early electronics and concrète / tape music is built out into vividly synthesized worlds, embracing every day imperceptible and textural varieties. The ghost of dub and its mutant ancestors are invoked, as are polyphonic mallets and ancient metallic grooves, smattered with elemental residue, foamy vocoder spray and plenty of scuttling life. 

Air Example’s twelve portions are the upshot of two years’ work, connected by and contained in the conceptual vessel of the album’s title - each a receptacle for invisible but essential ether: pure inspiration bottled and presented. 

Air Example is Chambers’ second offering to Love All Day (following his 2012 cassette album Blue Grotto, as Panabrite), the Chicago label peddling immeasurably thoughtful releases such the reissued Traveller by Warren Sampson and the modestly majestic Synthesis by Planetary Peace.

Air Example is our 13th MoM (Music of the Month) entry, and each edition purchased from Commend comes with a limited edition Obi strip designed by Will Work for Good and riso printed by Keegan Mills-Cooke