Mariana Ingold - Cara Cara

Mariana Ingold - Cara Cara


Left Ear Records releases a collection of Uruguayan vocalist and musician, Mariana Ingold's songs from the period of 1986-1991; including her first album released on label Ayui/Tacauabé, Todo Depende; albums, Cambio de Clima, and Hace Calor. Mariana Ingold is known for experimenting with the traditions of Candombe rhythms while combining the introduction of the synthesizer in the ‘80s.

Candombe is a style of drumming and dance that started in the late 18th century by african slave descendants in Uruguay. During slavery in Uruguay and Uruguay's fight for independence from Argentina and Brazil, African-Uruguayans held secret dance and performance meetings because the government of Uruguay saw Candombe music as defiant. Once slavery was abolished in 1842, people used Candombe as form of celebration of freedom; and now Candombe is celebrated every January in Uruguay.

Throughout each song, Mariana is able to pair angelic vocals and harmonies fused with classic Candombe; using the tabor chico and tabor repique; and collaborating with artists Eduardo Mateo, Jaime Roos, and Hugo Fattoruso. In Songs “Trasnoche” and “Corazones Solitarios” one can hear the Candombe percussion mixed with the new found love of the synthesizer, bringing together a tango and semi-jazzy sound.

The compilation finishes with a beautiful sounding lullaby-ish melody titled “Asiestar” translating to “so be” in English; though the delicacy of the guitar strums and vocals sprinkle the night sky with light; the song is about not being able to sleep.