In the second Lifted event, core group Motion Graphics, Max D, Co La and Jeremy Hyman recruit an Avengers-level cast from around the world to achieve the expansive, free-form mission of this theatrical studio project. It’s a Future Times affair, with Jordan GCZ and Dawit Eklund returning from the first round alongside Times’ buddies 1432R co-operator Sami, NYC wunderkind Will DiMaggio and Sao Paulo’s Repetentes 2008. From across the Atlantic, Beatrice Dillon and Bass Clef offer some deserved UK cred and OOIOO bassist / singer Aya offers support. Also notable are sax improv insertions from Co La’s homie Martin Kasey. If you’re familiar with even half of this supergroup, you’ll sense the incoming of syncopated deep-groove, labyrinthine jazz-infused future-bass lunacy that this album teases you with. It’s kind of the antidote to any shred of boredom or fatigue resulting from recent listening experiences. The Lifted crew can probably save the world.