Laraaji & Lyghte - Celestial Realms

Laraaji & Lyghte - Celestial Realms


First-time vinyl edition of ball-of-light and bringer-of-joy Laraaji's and sound therapist Jonathan Goldman, aka Lyghte's Celestial Realms. 

Recorded in Lyghte’s Lexington, Massachusetts basement in 1984, this is a shimmering journey in two parts, formed from guitar, bells, synth and Laraaji’s trademark zither playing.

“Equinox” is a dynamic, rippling work that tugs the soul strings into emotional recognition. It is balanced by “Celestial Realms,” a waveless sea of sound grounded by constant drone that softens the listener to stillness.

Apparently discovered on tape in a thrift store, Celestial Realms is presented on vinyl by new label Morning Trip.