Joanne Forman - Cave Vaults of the Moon

Joanne Forman - Cave Vaults of the Moon


"We humans, the nascent beings that we are, still haven’t quite figured out the full potential of music. Dancing, meditating, emoting, protesting; these are all pretty basic. But what if we communicated more complex ideas with music? What if we codified all of our activities with music?"

Cave Vaults of the Moon was composed as a soundscape for an environmental exhibition of sculptures and other objects at the Stables Arts Center in Taos, New Mexico, in 1987. Called Artifacts from an Alien Civilization, the exhibit imaged elaborate ruins found on our moon, and around them conjectured a lost civilization not far from our own home. 

Said Joanna Forman of her enlivening interpretation of these remnants, "I decided that Cave Vaults was a vacation spot for advanced beings from another galaxy. These were rather solemn, ceremonial beings, all of whose activities were conducted to music. This included earth-viewing, a principle recreation, as well as collecting information, all of it coded into music, which as so far escaped translation into Terran languages. Even the children's mooncastles, huge geometric shapes obviously built with assistance of advanced electronic "tinker toys" was an activity conducted to music..." 

Scored for voice, Ensoniq Mirage, Juno 106, flute, guitar and effects, the work is playful yet earnest, melodious and motherly, as if the music itself embodied a benevolent goddess overseeing this hub of languidly disciplined and highly evolved activity. Reissued 30 years later by Seance Center.