Ian Kim Judd- Leave No Trace

Ian Kim Judd- Leave No Trace


Drawing its name from a mantra of hardcore camping ethicists, DJ and NTS host Ian Kim Judd goes deep into his record collection and vast knowledge of esoteric music for Leave No Trace, his debut mix for Good Morning Tapes.

Spanning a 70-minute run time, Kim Judd uses the concept environmentally-minded, spontaneous societal dropout as the framework of his mix, remarking" I was fascinated by Lee Lozano’s Dropout Piece and Seth Price’s How To Disappear In America — wondering what would it feel like to voluntarily drop out completely, to really leave no trace? Especially, what would our beloved planet look like?"

What results is a continuous flow of breezy sentiments; the A-Side acting as a road map of free-floating, arrhythmic mixing and dreamy blends (especially the hidden nugget of bleary-eyed trip-hop placed at the end), while the B-Side sticks more zealously to downtempo forest steppers and bugged out mid-tempo house. Delicious from front to back, huge tip here!

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT29 Ian Kim Judd - Leave No Trace (Snippets)