Haron – Wandelaar (Regular Edition, w/o Print)

Haron – Wandelaar (Regular Edition, w/o Print)


Queeste is an evolution of Wichelroede, Gerben de Louw and Fallon Does' webshop, music label, and graphic design / object axis based in The Hague offering over the past few years covetable cassette packages coupling luminaries Powder and Cloudface, Beatrice Dillon and Ben UFO, Jayda G and LNS, and CS + Kreme and Yu Su.

Now Gerben sets the Queeste story in motion with Wandelaar, a deceptively simple keyboard-oriented work from Dutch dance music creator Haron. Having shared slabs with Legowelt, SFV Acid, and Aurora Halal on BAKK and solo capers on Tape Records Amsterdam, both artist and platform share a trajectory from oddball house and techno origins to fully formless reflections in this moment, which expands in scope with every listen.

Wandelaar is a serpentine stroll through solo piano and astral pads quirked by animated noise. In all there is a strong sense of story, but not of overt, narrative composed-ness. Rather, the compositions grow out of playfulness, experimentation and intuition. “Lotuseter” introduces itself as a baroque trill, its body a pentatonic solo piano piece where repeated, modified phrases are bound by intensifying reverb in a controlled yet open preamble.

In “Maangerij”, the same scale clouds into lush chords, washing over the listener emotively. “Caverne” descends with these elements into a sunken world, inclusive of piano and electronics, gently motorized with a bicycle wheel click. In “Selenieten," cartoonishly processed arpeggiated thuds become vaguely melodic twinkling cascades of sound. “Foschia” returns to solo piano with a searching quality, and “Sepia” is its minor sibling. “Music For Elbows” concludes the work with just over ten minutes of spacious, stabbing chords reminiscent of Terre Thaemlitz’ affecting piano creations.