Good Morning Tapes Rain on the Oil Seed Tee

Good Morning Tapes Rain on the Oil Seed Tee


Good Morning Tapes' 20th release comes from the inquisitive and ingenious mind behind Mana Records (alongside British Library Sound Archive curator Andrea Zarza) and Blowing Up the Workshop: Matthew Kent. A duet of mixes that traverse territories of atmospheric jungle and dnb both reflective and charged. Says Kent: 

"The Snow on the Thames" came together over two or three months and is quite detailed, with lots of little fragments or elements of tracks snipped out and heavily collaged. Its meant to track and evoke the geography and soundscape from London Bridge along the south bank - particularly a moment where I took this walk under heavy snowfall in the early part of this year. It navigates and impressionistically documents in a restless way that matches that slice of London changing and staying the same over the years, and draws in music I associate that with.

"Rain On the Oil Seed" came together in an afternoon and captures an internal state of mind and the listening habits that swelled from a year spent living in the agricultural landscape of Lincolnshire - the stillness, openness, and pressure of an endlessly flat rural landscape mostly known for poaching and growing sugar beet, and inwardly-focused methods of escapism from that....." 

Presented alongside complementary tee designed by Biscuit and printed in France.