GMT18 Commend - Nina - 'Friendly Fish' / Voice Training - 'Environmental SF'

GMT18 Commend - Nina - 'Friendly Fish' / Voice Training - 'Environmental SF'


Since their founding in 2017, Good Morning Tapes has held a special space in Commend. Operating at a high frequency out of the Seignosse, France - a coastal village bordered by sea and forest - GMT offers mystical wares made with intention and insight - a mission with which we strongly resonate.

For Commend's GMT offering, Nina and Voice Training have each collected and organized 45 minutes of sound.

Voice Training's 'Environmental SF,' is a lush and misty proto-vapor transmission with both tranquilizing and exploratory properties. Deeply mystical and firmly rooted in expansive knowledge of stylistic origin and development, this mix layers compositions with respect, intuition and spirit to warm, hallucinatory affect.    

Nina's 'Friendly Fish,' is dedicated to a place you can go that embraces all moods, that refreshes and re-energizes, that is unconditional. It's a mix about harmonizing with your environment through play, sensation and connection, channeling these ideas through organic percussion, human voice and collaborative improvisation. 

Limited to 50 copies, with vitalizing design from Good Morning Tapes' Biscuit.