Kompakt’s 3xLP reissue of seminal Gas experience, Pop, arrives on a tide of amorous anticipation. Originally released on Mille Plateaux in 2000, it became celebrated as one of Wolfgang Voigt’s most illustrious impressions of tactile / timbrel ambience. The fourth in the Gas succession, Pop elevated the atmos of predecessors - GasZauberberg and Königsforest - to even more shapely and intelligible sound baths, paving the way for epilogues Narkopop (2017) and Rausch (2018).

With seven rustling, roaming renderings, selectively inviting a subdued kick in the centre and final movements only, Pop is crisply primed to gently invade ears for a permanent sonic perspective shift. Reissued only through the Kompakt Gas box set since its first introduction, it’s finally available again on its own, for a new lifetime of re-listening.