Franco Nanni ‎– Elicoide

Franco Nanni ‎– Elicoide


Expanded reissue of this essential Italian minimalist recording, determined to hypnotize generations to come. A delicate, chiming dance of synthesizers and the occasional organic instrument to gently rock the listening into a state of harmony.

Elaborating on Franco Nanni’s idea of “Ascetic Trance” (in reference to the music of John Cage, Arvo Pärt and the Mediterranean Organic scene), the five works from the original 1987 release and five unreleased pieces were born out of a summer concert with the Franco Nanni ensemble, including Paolo Grandi, Leo Croatto and Marcela Pérez Silva.

Disc one is an official repress of Elicoide, while disc two contains previously unreleased recordings from the original sessions, ending with a recording of “Poesia,” a song written by peruvian composer Daniel “Kiri” Escobar and re-arranged by Franco Nanni for the concert.

Reissued faithfully by Affordable Inner Space.