Francesco Cavaliere ‎– Xylomania

Francesco Cavaliere ‎– Xylomania


“When in these days one is able to play a perfect sounding alien xylophone through a USB keyboard or even directly on a laptop, so many ideas finally can come true…”

Xylo Mania is a playful congregation of retro-future cybernetics and acoustic storytelling, an affectionate merging of imagination, memory, and scientific experimentation, all dedicated to exploring the fluidity of time.

For this collection - originally created as a miniscule edition of 10 copies for Francesco Cavaliere’s recent Japan Concerts (October, 2017) and now represented with bonus materials by Edicoes CN - Cavaliere used PRAAT, a software to analyse and manipulate speech on a signal basis to create a self-described “genuine virtual midi xylophone piece.” The result is at-once alien and hyper-human, influenced by ethnomusicology and magic-realist Italian fiction as by more recent scientific philosophies processed through personal experience and memory: “2000 utopia sound medical stuff.. which i used my self and I’m actually really interested in, you know like those autogenous training, cybernetic psychological tapes, Cds, or audio books.”

Fans of Cavaliere’s previous solo work and his project with partner Leila Hassan, Sea Urchin, will welcome this synthesis of self with non(human)-self. Edition of 200.