7FO - Ryu no Nukegara

7FO - Ryu no Nukegara


A playful offering to the water Deity, a symbol of strength and good luck. Osaka’s 7FO (pronounced “nana f o” for English-speakers) is at ease with the Dragon in their shared aquatic habitat.

The water is warm and gently swirling, but perfectly clear, so that all life - from the minuscule to the monstrous - can be sensed at once, grooving harmoniously. Deep space and digi-dub synth bass and atmospherics buoy up against floating pentatonic synth and steel pan melodies, Okinawan and Caribbean waters joining in the tides of mutual praise.

As is his practice, 7FO folds ancient themes into contemporary languages. The title song, "Ryu no Nukegara" (“dragon’s husk”) is perhaps the artist’s most potent concoction of shimmering ritual dub electronics yet - like its namesake, it is long, scaly, fluid and psychedelic.

Transmitted via correspondents from magical worlds, EM Records.