Susan Rawcliffe - Clay Ocarinas

Susan Rawcliffe - Clay Ocarinas


"Acoustically irregular forms produce unique sonic spectra. I delight in color and whimsical forms for my instruments and sound sculptures. It’s great fun, yet requires a unique command of musicality, acoustics, scholarship and hand-building ceramic skills."

Susan Rawcliffe thinks like a flute. She is an artist, researcher, performer and educator; and she also takes great pleasure in making, playing and conversing about instruments. Based in the Los Angeles area, she utilizes her deep and ongoing study of the wind instruments of MesoAmerican cultures to make unique sounds and forms from clay, always with a playful and exploratory praxis. 

These necklace ocarinas have 4 thumb holes on top for the first two fingers, and 2 bottom thumb holes. Put your lips around the tiny slot and blow; don't cover the square hole. For balance, use the ring and little fingers around the cord hole. Purchase includes diagram for ocarina diatonic scale. Says Susan, "make up songs and rhythm patterns. Sing and play simultaneously! Take your ocarina everywhere, and have fun!"

To purchase a specific design from the photos shown, please email and let us know which one you'd like us to send you.