GMT19 - Anthony Naples - Take Me With You

GMT19 - Anthony Naples - Take Me With You


Take Me With You is Anthony Naples' second full length album, presented by Good Morning Tapes in its first iteration as a mixed cassette.

A transportive and transformative offering, it spirals the listener though space in ambient designs: orbiting dusty and cratered surfaces; through dim rooms soundtracked by lush deep house; dancing downtempo waltzes and bittersweet mid-tempo toe tappers followed by formless epilogues; meditating to elongated half-time Rhodes odes; to traversing plenty of lifts, descents and cruises between.

While its dedication is partly to shared rituals dedicated to morning embrace, the inner narrative of Take Me With You is in some ways a classic science fiction scenario: a young, solitary traveler seeking his people in the vastness of space, yearning to follow the others into elevated realms. Despite moments of cosmic lift and empowerment, Naples' album carries a vulnerable and lonely hue as this small, curious being politely and earnestly requests abduction.

Complementary long sleeve designed by Biscuit, printed in France.