MoM004 - Ambienti Coassiali - Vol. 1 (Empty Heads)

MoM004 - Ambienti Coassiali - Vol. 1 (Empty Heads)


Volume four in Commend's MoM (Music of the Month) Series is Ambienti Coassiali's Vol. 1 - interior-architectural DX7 jams that began circulating within a cassette tape in late 1980s Milan.

Recent reissues of Roberto Musci's world-wanderings (Music from Memory), Giovanni Venosta's domestic explorations (Soave), and mixes like Visible Cloaks' Music Interiors Vol. 2: Interni Italiani (Root Strata) evidence a resurged curiosity in the world of Italian minimalism, a world of quiet theatricality, romantic meditation, and architectural mysticism. Vol 1 encapsulates this spirit, in purpose and execution, built of five "rooms" ("stanze") through which listeners may wander / wonder freely yet meaningfully, as if in a dream. The entry point, "Room 1," is perhaps the most affecting of these chambers, a deeply pacifying swell causing limbs to lift and eyelids to droop. "Room 3", of similar length and depth (around the 11-minute mark) is bookended by shorter rooms of intrigue, though without complication, or even plot. This story is one of space rather than scenario, a setting rather than an action. One must simply allow themselves to be enveloped, though resisting the experience may not be possible.

The project itself is named in relation to its prolific alias, Capricorni Pneumatici (formed by the duo known only as Pazuzu and Soda Caustica). Releasing at the same time, Capricorni Pneumatici presented a more overtly ritualistic, clandestine modus operandi (one of their releases from 1988, IX TAB, is dedicated to the goddess of ropes and traps, patron of those who hang themselves). Thus the Ambienti Coassiali moniker orients itself ever-more toward the light, the known, observable environment - one capable of fulfilling the mind and body with an aesthetic spirituality achieved most customarily by great works of art and architecture.

Sure to achieve the kind of cult-youtube fame of its same-decade Japanese counterparts, Portland's Incidental Music jumps the queue with this remastered reissue debut, alongside a DVD of the original enchanting companion videos by Empty Heads.

Commend appendages a print featuring images from the original Empty Heads videos. Edition of 75 copies, screen printed in Brooklyn by Keegan Mills-Cooke, available exclusively from Commend.