MoM011 - JAB - Erg Herbe (Shelter Press)

MoM011 - JAB - Erg Herbe (Shelter Press)


JAB, nee John Also Bennett, is a prolific and peaceful artist. His current and collected collaborative efforts are deep and generous, including but not limited to those with FormaChristina VantzouSeabat, and Jon Gibson. At his core is a spring of mellow, focused energy that flows subtly through each new endeavor or project. 

Over the last decade, during spare solitary moments and with great intention, JAB has tended to this spring, culminating in Erg Herbe, his first solo flight and offering. With seven steadily unspooling compositions, grown primarily from eurorack oscillators, a micro-tuned DX7, Farfisa organ and a selection of flutes including a Chinese “dizi” flute borrowed from his dad and fellow auteur John M. Bennett, JAB invites us into his inner sanctum. 

Written and documented mostly in The Schoolhouse, his New York dwelling, there are two unique site specific recordings at the heart / hearth of the Erg Herbe study. First, the title piece, which features flute recorded inside Katsuhito Nishikawa’s sculpture Tilapia at the Museum Insel Hombroich in Neuss, Germany; and second, in “Chanterai por mon coraige,” an adaptation of a 13th century French troubadour song by Guiot de Dijon, recorded in a tumbledown mill in the French countryside. 

These glimpses of JAB’s roving tendencies resonate with the imagistic and phonetically playful album title (“erg,” the shifting sand dunes in the desert; and “herbe”, French for grass), expressing an artist’s inner peace, carrying home with him wherever he roams. 

The eleventh entry into our Music of the Month series, each copy of Erg Herbe purchased from Commend will come affixed with a limited edition Obi strip designed by Will Work for Good and riso-printed by Keegan Mills-Cooke. With measureless gratitude to the wizards at Shelter Press.

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